Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Happy 2007!!!

I wonder what this year will hold for us all. Well, surprise of surprises, I have been invited for an interview for the PGCE primary course on February 14th. That is great - at least if I bomb out at the interview I will know why. There is just the minor stumbling block of having to have part of the interview in Spanish. I haven't spoken Spanish properly since 2001 and I would never have classed myself as the super fluent type since I didn't take a year out in Spain when I did my degree. I did, however, spend 3 delightful weeks in Malaga staying with a lovely family and attending a language school each morning. The good news is that our German assistant in school is going to ask around her Hispanic friends to see if they will do some conversation practice with me. Meanwhile, I will be blasting my eardrums with Spanish via some of my old university tapes and any Spanish songs I can get my hands on. Not forgetting the old vocab cards and grammar exercises. Oh, the joys of the subjunctive voice!!

Apart from that things are a bit quiet.

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