Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The aftermath...

Well, it is just over a week since the bombshell was dropped on the parish so we have had an opportunity to chew over the idea of losing our priest. I suppose things will settle into a kind of normality again until the end of August when he finally goes. I hosted a house group last night. At the request of one of our group, we gave over a bit of time to discuss our reactions and where we think we go from here. The thing is, Father is great with the young families. He spends loads of time in the primary school (he's actually just a big soft kid himself!) and has attracted lots of young families back into church. Some of them are not even living in our parish but news of how 'family-friendly' we are has travelled and people have left their own parishes to come to us. He also says the mass like he means it (that's 'cos he does!) and gives a homily from the heart. That's so refreshing when so many priests are jaded and basically - well, let's not mince words - crap at all the people stuff. That is great, but when your leader is so charismatic, people will follow him to his new place and in our case that is not the other side of the diocese, it is barely 5 mins in a car! I don't know what the bishop is playing at - this is going to be so de-stabilising. I hope this new guy is good because if he is not we could see a mass (if you'll pardon the pun) exodus. Maybe that is the idea - you kind of get the impression they've been trying to find an excuse to close us for a while. Maybe I'm just being sensationalist. Anyway, it was good to have the opportunity to clear the air last night.

Workwise, I am leaving at the end of term. I am at that stage where what enthusiasm I had for the job is rapidly diminishing. I feel a bit flat, too, because I have really enjoyed working with the people. There are one or two people I'm going to really miss. Still, onwards and upwards, eh?

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Brother James Hayes f.i.c. said...

Hi there. I'm tagging you (I hope I'm doing this right!) for your 5 favourite hymns.

Sorry to hear about your change of priest. I suppose it must seem harder to take when he is only going 5 mins. away, as you say. It he'd been retiring or the parish was amalgamating with another then it might be easier to understand. I pray that your parish community may not be too destabilised and that your new priest receive all the graces he needs in his ministry. Sounds like he's got a hard act to follow. God bless.