Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Dunham Massey

Me and Him Indoors have been members of the National Trust for a fair few years now. We joined largely to keep costs down when on family holidays in the UK. There are so many properties providing opportunities for days out within a reasonable distance of any UK holiday destination, that you only have to visit a couple of properties to recoup the cost of the annual membership. Indeed, there are a number of properties within a fairly short distance of home. With this in mind we have decided to try and use the membership for more local properties.

Last Saturday, we planned a trip to Dunham Massey, a property out Altrincham way. It was a beautiful sunny day - quite the most lovely day of the previous week (half-term!) and off we trundled in Maggie the camper. So what was special about Dunham Massey? Definitely the deer.
It has been a deer park since medieval times and it is lovely to see the fallow deer roaming freely around the park which has been a favourite retreat for folks from industrial Manchester for generations. There is no charge to go to the park but there is a £5 parking fee if you aren't an NT member. Our card got us into the house and also the garden (less busy than the public park). The house also boasts a huge collection of silverware - quite impressive. It is always lovely to visit one of our great houses but I have been to so many, they tend to merge now. That said, it was so lovely just enjoying being out in the sun on a lovely day, I would probably like to go back to 'have another go' at Dunham Massey


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