Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I love to see friends who have talent really going for it. So I want to give my backing (for what little that is worth) to Capac. There are three guys in the band, Gaz, Stu and Josh and they've been building up a following in the Liverpool area of late. I know of them through Gaz, who did a teacher training course with me. By the power of Facebook, I found out that one of their pieces, Palindrome, was being used in Hollyoaks so I broke the habit of a lifetime and watched the programme! That was enough to arouse a long overdue interest in what they were doing. Interest is growing; the guys have recently enjoyed playing a Maida Vale Session on Radio 1. If you are looking for X Factor fodder, look elsewhere...this is far more specialist in its appeal. I tried to research dance music genres and subgenres and came up with an epic tome on Wikipedia. So chucking all that aside, I would describe their music as electronica/ambient soundscape with a driving drum beat...or maybe not! Radio One's Huw Stephens does it much better:

"infuses the energy of drum n’ bass and the brooding, sinister vibes of dubstep, with the beautiful intricate nature of post-rock melodies"

Of course it is! Perhaps it's about time I got off my arse and went to see the lads perform.

Capac have an EP out now so why not check them out? More info and downloads are available on their website: