Friday, May 18, 2007

Feeling knackered (with a capital 'N'!)

I'm feeling utterly done in at the moment. All last week I was on supervision duty for the GCSE speaking exams. This meant that I was limited in what I could do in terms of my general work. But my general work consisted of the admin for the Year 8 reports and the paperwork for Strasbourg and also 3 day trips to Boulogne aside from the day to day routine stuff. I shall not be sad to wave goodbye to all of this at the end of term. Next week we have an activities week in school. The teachers are all moaning because they have had a really busy time of late and yesterday the Year 11s took their leave of us - exam leave, that is. Some of the 6th form have already gone and next week the Year 10s are on Work Ex. placements. Traditionally next week is the lightest week of the year for anyone who teaches above Year 9. But instead an intensive schedule of activities is planned. So, they are all seeing their arses about it and dragging everyone else into a downward spiral! God bless H who is bright and enthusiastic about the whole project otherwise I might be tempted to seriously maim someone. Hopefully the weekend will revive my drooping spirits!

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