Sunday, May 20, 2007

Shop 'til you drop (dead from boredom!)

What is it about shopping? You don't have a brass farthing to spend and yet you see all kinds of things you'd like to buy, yet when you are out to spend money you see naff all! I spent whole afternoon perusing the delights of the local shops (all two and a half of them!) in a vain bid to get something for Assisi. Nothing fancy, just some linen trousers and a couple of t-shirty tops, a lightweight jacket and some comfortable shoes. Net result - nada! That's not strictly true, I did manage a linen look jacket from New Look. I tried on some trousers in Miss Selfridge. I felt a bit apprehensive about going in there as I wondered if I was a bit old for it but I found some trousers that fitted but I wasn't 100% sure. I will probably pick them up later in the week. I spent what seemed like a vast sum on Lancome cosmetics (Hypnose mascara and Teint Rénergie Lift). I don't use them that much so I felt I could justify it.

Last night I thought it was time I watched Captain Corelli's Mandolin. My sister lent it to us years ago and I figured it was time she got it back! It was an enjoyable enough film but it was rather spoiled by the casting. I would not have put Nicholas Cage in the starring role. I have never seen such a wooden performance. There was no chemistry at all between him and Penelope Cruz. In fact he displayed marginally less passion than a frozen chicken! Shame.


John Kearney said...

Hey, Holeyfamoley. Thank you for visiting my blog so I am returning the compliment. Now the trouble with your shopping is that you needed a man with you. My wife is the same as you, she can spend hours looking at what I can see are really good clothes then end up walking away. We men on the other hand qickly size up the situation and do our shopping in minutes. it is something in the female psyche. They are never content with 100% satisfaction they want 110%. But I suppose I am just being chauvinist. On the BBC3 programme, what was really objectionable is that they were overstepping a taboo subject. Kids do not know about their parents sex life but this silly professor thought that by overcoming this taboo he would somehow reduce pregnancies. It was just stupid. I see you have a good family blog and are daff with the photographs. I am just starting mine and am not sure where I am going but I will no doubt settle down. Anyway God Bless.

holyfamoley said...

Thanks for the comment, John. I think the blog is a great medium for family things in the 21st century. As families get bigger, as much as we all genuinely love each other, we become increasingly wrapped up in our own particular families and you can easily lose touch with the extended family. With a blog, at least people are able to touch base whenever they are near a computer. It's just getting people to contribute that is the difficult bit, but I'm sure we will get there. It is also a great way to document 'family' for posterity. You've made a great start with your own family blog. Good luck to you keeping it going!