Friday, July 20, 2007

Parting is such sweet sorrow...

I finished my job today at the end of the summer term. Guess that makes me officially unemployed. I felt a bit shaky all day. Leaving some really good mates is such a wrench. When you spend best part of your life, over a number of years, with the same group of people you naturally become very attached to some. I've always managed to keep my distance to a certain extent but I think the whole faith thing makes me care about people far more than I used to and in so doing I make myself vulnerable. I suppose that is a good thing. At least it puts me in touch with my full emotional range. Yesterday Languages had cake and sparkling wine to say bye bye to myself and to P who is also leaving and also for E who has had a promotion. In English they had a full blown buffet lunch to send me off, complete with Buck's Fizz, table cloth and everything. I wanted to love them all.

All day today I felt as if I would burst into tears if anyone said anything nice to me and we had this 'valediction' thing at a local rugby club. You know, speeches, presentations, that sort of stuff. I was a bit nervous about it but there were loads of people going today so there was time to acquire some dutch courage, thankfully. My boss J did a lovely tribute to me which was all the more poignant since she herself was leaving today. The staff bought me some lovely gifts and cards and said such nice things that I feel quite unworthy of their kindness.

When I got home I felt edgy and obviously had some surplus adrenalin in my system so I was pacing up and down a bit. A pizza and mammoth dose of Big Brother has relaxed me a bit now, though so I might have a milky drink and to bed. I'm glad Nicky went - she did moan a lot but I felt for her as she left. She looked so uncomfortable.

I must remember it is my turn for church cleaning tomorrow at 9.30 and I've a hairdressing appointment at 11:00. Will probably visit Mum in the afternoon.

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