Sunday, August 12, 2007

The holiday starts here...

Check out this lovely piccy. We went to look at the bunnies yesterday and my littl'un has chosen this little beauty. Of course when you see them, you could take them all but you have to be practical. We will collect her after the bank holiday as we are off to Greenbelt and we don't want to leave her, being so little.

Well, bunny shopping was a nice way to end the week. I organised the annual art exhibition at church last week so I was there every day, virtually all day. It is worth it, though, because although you don't get knocked down in the rush, there are lots of blessings in the week. As the church doors are open, people drop in to light a candle, on an ad hoc basis. People pop in on the way to or from the shops. This year the highlight was that so many artists came in and worked in house. It was great on Friday because at one point I counted 6 people doing different things and although I had wanted to sell refreshments in aid of my pet project, it would end up just being tea and coffee all round for the workers. Also the number of cars in the car park attracted more visitors. It was lovely to stand back and see people interacting, visitors encouraging the artists, artists comparing notes in what is normally such a solitary pursuit. I got a real buzz from the sense of community.

I hope we can do it again next year. I am a bit fearful that the new priest won't be up for it but here's hoping. It is actually the only outreach type project that we do so I think it benefits the whole community.

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