Thursday, August 30, 2007

Long time no write...

Quite some time since there was some keyboard tapping in these parts. Since then, we have spent some time with his Lordship's folks at their caravan just outside Llanberis in North Wales and we have been to Greenbelt. Busy, busy, busy! Llanberis was lovely - we have had just about the cruddiest summer on record but the sun shone for us in Wales. We didn't do anything particularly out of the ordinary there but just spent time together, which was lovely. My dad-in-law has bought a couple of inflatable kayaks so the men and my two girls had loads of fun just messing about on the lake. It was lovely to see them all just having a laugh. Mum-in-law has armchair kayaking off to a fine art and shouted instructions from the bank, between pouring cups of hot tea. I do not do fun things. I am still traumatised from being crap at anything sporty when I was at school and the response it got from mildly sadistic PE teachers and thick but sporty fellow pupils. But I love to watch people enjoying themselves in sporting pursuits. I told my girls that I do not betray the ideal mother circa 1950 - I do nothing physical, instead I stand at the bank and call "Oh, do be careful!" like the lady who does the voiceover on Andy Pandy. We had some lovely food, the highlight of which was the food at the Peak Restaurant in Llanberis. Well recommended if you are in those parts. Excellent food and warm, hospitable service.

We were home a day and then off to Greenbelt. We had a fab time, as always. It didn't start so well with my eldest (21 years) being ill. She had left us early on Friday evening saying she didn't feel brilliant. At about 10.30 we were soaking up the atmosphere watching Fuse Factory when we got a call to say she had been sick. We hurried back to find two inflatable mattresses, one sleeping bag, a pillow and various other items covered in puke! I just looked and wondered how the hell we were going to sort it out with no electricity and no running water! How we managed to restore it to any semblence of normality with a roll of Andrex and a few litres of cold water, I don't know. Despite initial ranting like "We're just going to have to go home tonight!" we managed to put it behind us and enjoy the weekend. I'm afraid I wasn't as sympathetic as I could have been to my girl but I think she forgives me now! Highlights for me were Matt Redman, Mark Yaconelli, Greenbelt Communion and Delirious? And the weather was glorious!

Back home now and the new bunny is in residence - she is called Rosie (at least we think it's a 'she')

Thanks to Dave Walker over at the Cartoon Church for his wonderful witty cartoons.

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