Monday, September 03, 2007

PGCE Day 1

Well I may not make it to college for another 2 weeks but today was the first day of my PGCE. The college, in their infinite wisdom, decided that we should fit in a 2-week placement , to take place in exactly the 2 weeks before attending college. Of course, they did not take into account the fact that virtually every school in this part of the world is doing INSET today (except, apparently some in Wigan, though not all - fine, just let me check into a Travel Lodge!) So I have two days in a private day nursery looking at Foundation Stage. Aah! Sweet little babes! I still feel very apprehensive about children getting too close to me - all this child protection only serves to make us paranoid and act in an unnatural way. But what can you do when a sweet little tot clambers on to your knee? Push them away? They are little darlings but I'm not sure I could work with them on a permanent basis. The nursery is local and is in a beautiful setting overlooking open farmland and a paddock with horses in it. Now all I have to do is fathom out exactly what the college is looking for from the observations, which is easier said than done. No surprises there, though.

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