Wednesday, September 12, 2007

PGCE Day 8 - Parting is such sweet sorrow...yet again!!

Well today I finished my 6 day stint at the primary school. It is so sad to leave. The staff were sound, the kids were lovely...where will I ever find another school like it? God alone knows where the college will place me - well, technically the placement organiser knows, too, but that is not the point! I was even starting to get my head around all the Arabic names. Now the difficult part comes when I go to college on Monday. I do still have two days at my old workplace to look at Year 7 but I could virtually do the whole write up on that now. I am looking on that as a social excursion, seeing all my old mates.


Nadja said...

Hi Holy Famoley! I've just answered your comment on my blog. Thanks. I've been reading your entries here so that I can know you. My apologies for my poor English. Altough I love your language, I don't have fluency in it.Hugs. Lady_drid

Holy Famoley said...

Hi Nadja,
Your English is great - I can't speak Portuguese (Brazilian or otherwise!) at all. Though beware, my English is not always as formal as it could be. At least you can't hear me speaking as I have an obvious Merseyside accent! I expect it would be quite difficult for you to understand.